How Did Bats Get into My House?

One of the most common questions that come around after homeowners discover a bat infestation is how they got inside to begin with. Bats are actually intelligent creatures with keen survival skills and instincts. If they fear the cold or harsh weather, they can find safe shelter in a flick of a wing. Continue reading to learn how bats find ways into our homes, and how to prevent the situation from happening again, or at all.

Bat Infestations in Residential Homes

Bats are hardly ever seen by the general population. Being nocturnal, bats are only active at night and rest during the day. Because of this, people forget how small bats are in size. Bats can squeeze into crevices and spaces as small as 3/8 of an inch wide. They may seem large during flight, but their wing span is deceiving. Bats are tiny and can fit into any hole or gap in homes and buildings. Popular entry points on homes include loose rooftop shingles, gutters, cracks in siding, under porches, attics, garages, and more. These areas are all possible entry ways for bats to get into a home and begin nesting and breeding for the winter.

Prevent Bat Intrusion

Bats can cause a significant amount of structural damage to a home, overtime. The combination of feeding, breeding, and waste accumulation disintegrates wood boards, insulation, and siding. The smell of their droppings can eventually seep into the living areas of the home, causing a foul and undesirable odor. Bats can also chew through electrical wiring, causing expensive repairs and other hassles. Bat prevention is vital, especially if you have already been a victim of a bat infestation. Be sure to contact a professional bat control company for expert bat prevention services and information.

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