How to Keep Bats Out of Your Home: The Top 10 Exclusion Best Practices

Are you looking for ways to keep bats out of your home? Bat exclusion is a critical part of bat control and removal, and it’s important to understand the best practices for doing so. Bats can be beneficial animals in many cases, but they can also cause problems when they get into your living space. To ensure that bats don’t enter your home, below are 10 key exclusion best practices you should follow.

Call 317-535-4605 For Bat Exclusion Services in Indianapolis
Call 317-535-4605 For Bat Exclusion Services in Indianapolis

Top 10 Bat Exclusion Tips for Homeowners

1. Interior/Exterior Inspection – Inspect your home for potential entry points. It’s important to look for any cracks, holes or gaps in the walls or roof that may allow bats to enter your home. Check around windows and doors, and also check any vents, chimneys, or other openings. Seal up any gaps or cracks with caulk or steel mesh screens.

2. Exclusion Barriers – Install chimney caps on top of chimneys and vent covers on exterior vents. These will block access to these areas and prevent bats from entering through them. Make sure they are securely installed and made of rust-proof materials so that they last longer outdoors.

3. Landscaping Work – Trim back trees or shrubs near the roof of your house as this can provide an easy access point for bats.

4. Outdoor Flood Lights – Put a light on your porch or near the entrance of your home as this can help deter bats from coming close to the house.

5. Bat Houses – Install bat houses around your property, away from the main living space of your home. This will attract any wild-roaming bats away and give them an alternate place to rest and nest rather than in your attic or walls.

6. Bat Repellents – Place ammonia-soaked rags around potential entry points as ammonia has a strong smell that repels many animals including bats. Moth balls work well, too.

7. Noises and Sound Waves – Use ultrasonic sound devices to ward off bats, as they emit high-frequency sounds that humans cannot hear but are extremely unpleasant for animals like bats to be around. You can also play a radio to make bats think humans are around.

8. Attic Maintenance – Make sure any attic or other areas where bats may take up residence are well-ventilated, as this will help deter them from wanting to stay there due to the increased air flow which can make it uncomfortable for them.

9. Light Deterrents – Set up a bright light in the area where you believe bats may be living. This will cause them to move elsewhere as they do not like bright light and prefer dark areas for roosting.

10. Professional Bat Removal – If all else fails, contact a professional Indianapolis bat removal and control service. They can provide safe and humane bat exclusion services using specialized equipment and acute knowledge of bat behavior, thus removing them safely from your home.

Now You May Get Rid of Bats Safely

Following these 10 best practices will help keep bats out of your home and ensure that your living space remains bat-free. Remember, prevention is the best way to keep bats away and any potential entry points should be identified and sealed up as soon as possible. If you suspect a bat infestation in your home, contact a professional pest control service immediately to get it taken care of quickly before it gets worse.

Are you pretty sure you have bats in the chimney or attic of your residence? Contact us today at 317-535-4605for licensed and insured Indianapolis bat removal services you can trust. We serve both residential and commercial clients with home inspections, bat removal, bat proofing, bat cleanup, and more. Request a free estimate or advice, today!

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