Bat Repellant Options and Alternatives

Bats should never be harmed, trapped, or killed under any circumstances unless by licensed wildlife contractors and professionals. Fortunately there are bat repellant options, alternatives, and methods that are humane, easy to use, and highly beneficial to property owners. Continue reading to learn the most effective ways to repel bats in residential, commercial, and urban areas.

Electronic Bat Repellants

There are new devices available on the market that use sound frequencies, ultrasonic technology, volume-enhanced noises, and more to repel bats away from properties. They are specially manufactured to recreate sound waves, noises, and frequencies, silent to human ears, to prohibit bats from becoming accustomed to a particular sound. The constantly-changing noises and waves affect a bats behavior, communication capabilities, sleep cycles, and flying habits, keeping them far away. These devices can provide a range up to 5,000 feet! Larger properties or areas might require more than one device, depending on the number of animals to repel and the square footage of the area. It takes nearly 4 weeks to thoroughly observe bat behaviors to properly assess the levels and frequencies needed.

Bat Repellant Sprays and Gels

Just like ordinary store-bought pesticides, there are products on the market that are specially manufactured to repel bats. These products come in both spray form and gels. Either in a 10 ounce spray bottle or a caulking tube, these chemical or natural-based repellents are easy to find and affordable to buy. They essentially let off a taste and smell that bats are sensitive to and despise. This only keeps them at bay for a while, and requires reapplications each month during bat season.

Natural Bat Repellants

Natural methods can also be used to repel bats. Sound machines, bright lights, cinnamon, human hair, coyote urine, green tea, peppermint, and more are popular natural remedies that keep bats away. Bats find these tastes, smells, and other ambiences obnoxious and irritating to their senses. For bats in the attic of other indoor area of a property, mix together water and the above herbs and ingredients and place into a spray bottle. Spray this homemade solution all over the attic perimeter or area to get rid of bats naturally.

Indianapolis Bat Removal

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Can I Have a Pet Bat?

Exotic pet ownership is growing in popularity these days. Many pet owners are going as far as they can, pushing limits in the animal domestication industry. Large cats, wolves, and even bears are some of the most extreme animals people have attempted to domesticate within their best abilities. In many cases, tragic accidents and several close calls occur with animals of these sizes. At the other end of exotic pet ownership, there are smaller and less aggressive woodland and forest species that people are taking interest in; such as raccoons, skunks, squirrels, and even potbelly pigs. Many states allow the domestication of certain exotic animals; but when it comes to bats, the law is not flexible in most cases.

For people who have inquired about pet bats or bat ownership, they have most likely discovered that it is illegal without proper professional rehabilitation licensing. Only licensed and legitimate organizations with proper state and local permitting can legally house and raise bats for the sole purpose of environmental maintenance and rehabilitation. Continue reading to learn why it is not recommended to take a bat as a pet, and why pet bats are illegal and frowned upon in the United States.

Bats are a Protected Species

There are over 2,000 species of bat found all across the globe; all of which are protected by law on various levels. There are laws that regulate bat hunting, trapping, and extracting from their natural habitat or wild; as well as, laws that prohibit breeding, and/or the exchange of bats between people or organizations. This means no one can legally breed, sell, capture, or keep wild bats unless they are licensed professionals with special permits to do so. It is also illegal to transport bats unless they are being relocated to a valid scientific organization, zoo, or wildlife sanctuary. To be transported in the United States, one must have a CDC permit.

There are several reasons why bats are protected and why it is illegal to own a bat. For one, bats are fascinating and special mammals. In fact, they are the only mammal capable of true flight! They are not fit for domestication and can suffer from being caged or trapped. Although bats generally live up to 25 years in the wild, they only average about one year of life in domestication under improper circumstances. Bats require long flight times and the ability to hunt and breed their young. Keeping them from this right and as a pet illegally can be seen as animal cruelty. Also, wild bats can carry diseases that can be fatal or severely harmful to humans and pets. If you ever see a dead or injured bat, never touch it or attempt to pick it up; instead, call your local bat removal and control company for assistance.

Bat Removal Indianapolis

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