What is the Off-Season for a Bat?

When the weather is cold and the snow begins to fall, bats and other mammals hideaway, making winter their off-season. In fact, the peak demand for bat exclusion among residential and commercial properties is in October, November, and December, when weather is still mild, but cold enough for bats to go looking for shelter. So what happens to bats in their off-season? What kind of activity do they display? Where do they go? Continue reading for answers to these questions and more!

Hibernation or Migration

By the time bat exclusion season ends, bat off-season starts up. Once the weather gets too cold for bats, they start to look for dens, caves, and shelter; which unfortunately and often times includes our attics, crawl spaces, garages, walls, and more. If bats have not found this shelter by the time the harsh winter climates start to take over, they migrate south, following the bugs and warmer weather. For bats that find shelter, they hibernate through the winter season until spring. It is fascinating how some species of bat decide to remain and hibernate, while others prefer to travel south for warm sun and insects!

Once bats come out their 6 month-long torpor, the males are ready to mate. And with a gestation period of only 65 days, bats have their litters in the early summer. A female bat can have up to three litters per breeding season, but often times only gives birth to one single pup at a time. Just at the start of fall, their bat pups through nursing on their mother and grown enough to leave the nest and venture out to forage, feed, and prepare for winter.

Although winter is the off-season for bats, they can still be inside our properties causing damage. If you suspect you have bats in the attic, or in some other area of your home, contact a local Indianapolis bat removal company for professional and prompt assistance.

Indianapolis Bat Removal

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Endangered Indiana Bats Might Put a Stop to White River Lake Project

A recent online publication reveals that a new lake plan for a reservoir in Anderson, Indiana, on the White River, might not be approved due to the possible presence of a common endangered Indiana bat species. Mounds Lake is a new proposed reservoir that would extend seven miles from a dam Anderson, IN. Although it is said that this new reservoir will create a bounteous natural habitat for Indiana bats and wildlife alike, it would take several years for trees to mature and actually render such habitations for endangered bats.

Environmental Concerns

This is why Ball State University biologist, Jim Carter, suggests the lake plan be formally reviewed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service before any further steps are made. During warmer seasons, Indiana bats use mature trees for maternity colonies, nesting, and protection. While the proposed plan might provide more habitat for these bats, it would take too long for endangered bats to benefit from the extension.

The Mounds Lake project is estimated to cost nearly 450 million dollars. Additional anticipated benefits from this lake plan includes improved flood control, creation of water-front real estate housing, and economic growth and development in the city of Anderson. What’s your take on all this?

It is important to protect all bat species in Indiana, not just the endangered ones. If you find a bat on your property, please do not attempt to trap, kill, or harm it. Instead, contact a local Indianapolis Bat Removal and Control service for safe and humane assistance. They retain the proper licensing, tools, and training to safely and humanely extract bats from in or around a property, and relocate them to a safe, faraway habitat, or to wildlife rescue organization.

Endangered Bats Could Threaten Indiana Lake Plan.” Indianapolis Business Journal. 10 Nov 2014. Online. Internet Explorer. 13 Nov 2014.

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Bat Infestation and Bat Control in Indianapolis, IN

Bat Control and Bat Infestation

Bats are a serious concern if you find them in your home. Bats like to reside in dark places, like your attic, crawl spaces, and the crevices in your roof. If there is a place a bat can rest on the exterior of your home, they will find it. If you think you might have a bat infestation, read on for some bat removal suggestions, and then contact a locally owned bat removal company in your area right away.

Bat Prevention

Numerous animal removal businesses provide bat proofing services to property and home owners. This is an imperative part of the bat removal process and should never be skipped. Taking precautions to bat-proof your home or building will save you time and money in the future, because if there were bats there before, it’s possible that they can find a way back. These bat removal companies will remove the bat infestation, and implement bat exclusion techniques to prevent future break-ins. The process of exclusion starts with a complete home inspection. The bat removal technicians will inspect every inch of your home or property which allows them to assess the extent of damage and invasion. They should determine the amount of clean-up, an approximate number of bats inside the attic or crawl space, areas of vulnerability, and points of entry for bats. Once this is complete, the bat removal specialists can give a proper evaluation and estimate on the costs and amount of work associated with the damages.

Entry Points for Bats in Your Home or Building

If you are experiencing bat issues, or have in the past, then you may have vulnerable and weak spots in the structural make-up of the property that has allowed them in in the past. Any holes or crevices bigger than a quarter inch can be possible entry points for bat colonies in Indianapolis. This is why it is so important to hire a professional bat removal company that can safely and humanely capture and release them, and then seal your home or building properly.

Professional Bat Exclusion Methods

Once the building or property is sealed, then the bat entry points need sealed next. Because most bat removal companies use safe and humane capture and release methods, bat traps are out of the question. Instead, a popular and effective method used by most professional companies is bat cones. They are approved by bat conservation organizations across the world. These are devices that are shaped like a cone and inserted tightly over the bat entry points. The bat cones are one-way-entries. Once the bat uses the cone to exit for food, it is unable to re-enter through the device. It takes a few weeks to get all the bats to finally decide to leave, but once they do, they cannot return ever again. This is a complicated process and should always be carried out by a professional bat removal specialist with years of experience.

If you are experiencing bat control issues in your home or building, contact our professional bat removal services in Indianapolis, IN right away. You may call our professionals directly at 317-535-4605 or visit our website at http://www.batremovalindianapolis.com.