Do I Have Bat Mites or Bed Bugs?

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Indianapolis Get Rid of Bats 317-535-4605

It is probably safe to say that all long-term property owners have faced a pest infestation of some kind over the years, whether mosquitoes, ants, gnats, or fleas. However, from all these common pest infestations, it is not common to hear about bat mite infestations. This is likely due to the fact that bat mite infestations have very similar signs and symptoms of other common parasitical infestations. Most often, bat mites are mistaken for lice or bed bugs. Continue reading learn the how to distinguish the difference between bed bugs and bat mites, and what to do if you discover an infestation in your home or building.

Bed Bugs vs. Bat Mites

Most of us have heard terrifying stories about bed bug infestations, and many of us have even experienced it too. The typical signs of a bat mite infestation include rash, itching, red bumps, bug-like bites, and actually seeing them little bugs in linens and bed sheets.

To get eliminate these mites, it is standard to use professional pest control services, OTC exterminators, aerosol sprays, and insecticide treatments. These, when used in the right combination, work well to kill and eliminate a bed bug problem. However, even after these treatments, some people find that the infestation eventually comes back. The most likely reasons for this is that the treatment wasn’t enough, or, the infestation they think is bed bugs is actually something else.

Bat mites behave very similar to bed bugs. They are tiny parasitic insects that cling to a host and can live up to one year if the climate is agreeable. They thrive well in dark and narrow areas, just like bats, which is why bats are their favorite hosts.

Getting Rid of Bat Mites

Ordinary pest extermination services are not enough for bat mites. An exterminator cannot simply spray, kill, and call it a day when it comes to bat mites. As long as their host remains, they remain and will continue to come back over and over again. Regardless of how many times the place is fumigated, sprayed, or cleaned, the bat mites won’t go away permanently until you get rid of the bats first.

Once the bat colonies are cleared from the area, and the proper preventative maintenance precautions are taken to ensure there will be no more future bat invasions, you are on your way to a mite-free living space. This is when you can begin to properly clean and sanitize the area for bat mites.

Indianapolis Bat Removal and Control

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Indiana Bat Removal

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Bat Removal Indianapolis

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How to Remove the Bed Bug Known as the Bat Bug

Bed bugs are a very pressing issue in the pest control world. Not only can these insects carry and pass diseases, they can create havoc amongst a family, business, or community. Why are these insects such as nuisance? They are extremely had to get rid of which creates a lot of anxiety and fear.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are parasitic insects that feed on blood. The common bed bug, Cimex lectularius, is known to prefer human blood although there are other cimex species that prefer other animals such as bats. The scientific name for a bat bug in Indiana is called cimex adjunctus. Without a magnifying glass, an individual cannot tell what type of bed bug they are dealing with. If a bat bug is found in a home, there are bats most likely in your walls or attic. Usually when bat bugs bite humans, it is because they no longer can find their preferred host or the bat bugs are migrating. Once bat bugs are removed, the only way to prevent them in the future is to completely eliminate bats from your house and prevent the bats from returning. This project can be difficult; you may want to contact a licensed bat removal specialist.

Bat Removal

The first step in removing bats from your house is to make sure they are not the protected brown bat of Indiana. To remove the protected brown bat, a licensed bat removal specialist must be called. If you are 100% positive it is not a brown bat, you can spray the bat nest with cyfluthrin. Please wear all recommended protective gear such as eye protection and a dust mask and follow all pesticide instructions. Be sure to spray everywhere, not just the nest but all places you would suspect an insect to be. Once you have sprayed the outside of the house, the inside of the house where you have seen the bat bugs can be sprayed with the same product. Please be weary that, without proper professional help, there is no way to be 100% confident that you will remove all bat bugs.

For immediate assistance with bat bug removal, contact a bat removal specialist in Indiana. These professionals have the experience and know how to completely eradicate your bed bug issue. So if you suspect bats in your house or attic, please give them a call.

Bat Removal Indiana

Bat Removal Indiana can provide professional assistance with all issues related bat bug removal and more. Call 317-535-4605 speak with the bat control specialist about removing that bugs or bats in the attic, and more. Our highly trained and DNR licensed bat removal technicians only use if the methods to extract bats from homes and prevent the return. We offer the best rates and most competitive prices in Indianapolis. Contact Bat Removal Indiana at 317-535-4605 for more information about bat control and bat bug removal services of Indianapolis, Indiana.

How to Tell the Difference between Bed Bugs and Bat Mites

Most moms have seen it all in the insect department; spider bites, mosquitoes, and even lice. Rarely does anyone ever talk about bat mites. If you have heard of bed bugs, then you already have an idea of what bat mites are capable of accomplishing. Do not start getting all itchy! Instead, read on to better prepare yourself for a bat mite infestation and learn how to take control if you suspect you might have one right now.

Bat Mites are Commonly Mistaken for Bed Bugs

Bats are known to find their way into residential and even commercial properties for breeding and shelter purposes. They can be quite a nuisance. They leave behind huge messes that can accumulate over time and cause costly structural damages, as well as, create noise and clatter in the early morning hours. Bats that sometimes find their way inside a person’s home can leave behind more than a mess, they can leave an infestation!

Bat mites are very similar to bed bugs, and are commonly mistaken for them. Bed bugs leave little bites that cause an itchy, burning rash. They typically dwell in bed sheets and other warm areas of a home. Bat mites are carried on bats themselves and move about by jumping and leaping from their host. If your children are waking up with little bites in their skin after a night of sleeping, do not rule out bed bugs right away. Wash all the sheets, clothes, and rugs, and vacuum the carpet first. If this does not solve the problem, then bat mites could be the culprit. Have your home inspected by a professional to see if there are any signs of bats living near or on your property. If there are no bats, perhaps you have an allergy situation on your hands.

Indianapolis Bat Removal

For more information about bat mites, contact our professional bat removal experts in Indianapolis, Indiana. We are DNR licensed and insured to remove bats safely and humanly from residential and commercial properties. We are happy to answer any questions you have about bat infestations and removal options. We offer free estimates, DIY advice, and more. Visit our Indianapolis Bat Removal website at or call us at 317-535-4605 today!