How to Catch a Bat in Your House

Bats are very helpful little creatures because they eat thousands of nuisance bugs every day in backyards all across America. Bats are great to have around the home, outdoors, but indoors is a different story. No one wants to share their home with a bat, so if you find yourself in a situation where you have one flying free in your home, follow these simple steps to release it back to nature.

Protect Yourself

Be sure to grab a pair of heavy duty gloves, particularly leather if you have it. Bats do have claws and can bite if provoked, so wearing a thick glove will protect your hands when you reach for the little critter. A bat bite can be a bad situation because you never know what disease or bacterial infection they are carrying. If you are bitten by a bat, contact your doctor, local clinic, or hospital right away.

Set Up an Exit Strategy

Before attempting to catch the bat, open windows and doors in case the bat takes flight. With an open window in sight, the bat can most likely free itself.

Coax the Bat Down

If the bat is high up on a ceiling or wall, you will have to coax it down to a point where you can reach it. In order to do this, you will have to use a broom stick or something long enough to provoke the bat to change locations. Do not hurt the bat and use gently swaying motions to get the bats’ attention.

Catch and Release the Bat

Once the bat is in a reachable spot, use a plastic container, towel, or coffee can to gently trap the bat against the wall. Then slide the container or towel slowly down the wall and cup the bat without pinching it. Once you have it cupped in the towel or container, immediately take it outside and shut your door so that it cannot fly back inside again. Then place the container on the ground and allow the bat to fly free. If the bat seems fatigued, feel comfortable to help it on its way by placing it near a tree. Bats have trouble taking off into flight from the ground, so placing it by a tree can allow it to climb the tree and fly away later.

If you have difficulty catching the bat and have attempted more than a few times, it is better to call a professional bat removal expert to handle the situation with the proper equipment. It is even more important to call a Bat Control company if you have more than one bat in your home. Never try to catch and release multiple bats. It is not a DIY task. Our expert bat removal specialists have many years of experience safely and humanely capturing and relocating bats in Indiana. Call us today at 317-535-4605 for free estimates and advice on bat removal services in Indianapolis, IN.