Bat Removal
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Bat Clean Up Indianapolis, Indiana

We offer bat clean up services at extremely affordable prices in Indianapolis, Indiana and its surrounding counties.  We understand how efficient bats are at finding ways into your home or property.  The problem is that once they gain access, they have no intentions of leaving.  They will begin to nest and breed, as well as soil and feed inside your home.  This nesting causes a great deal of damage, for example:
  • Soiled insulation, over time, will become so saturated with urine and bat droppings that it may eventually begin leaking through your ceiling.
  • Attics are designed to VENT AIR OUT.  This means the odors resulting from the guano and urine are venting out and attracting other animals to the area.  This can cause re-occurring problems, and is why attic restoration is so valuable.
  • Soiled areas can also result in collapsed ceilings, soiled particle board, and saturated sheet rock.
Cleaning up after bats is a job for a professional.  Damage caused by bat droppings and urine can decrease the value of your home if not cleaned up correctly with the appropriate cleaning agents and equipment.  It is important to trust the task of cleaning up bat droppings to one of our bat conservation and removal specialists.  If you need more information on bat clean up services in Indianapolis, Indiana, call us directly at 317-535-4605.

Cleaning up Bat Guano in Indiana

Cleaning up bat guano is not a job for ordinary residents of Indiana.  It is strictly a job for professional bat conservation specialists.  Bats are often times misconstrued as rodents, dirty animals, rabies infested, and physically dangerous.  This is not the case.  Bats, in fact, are conservative mammals, not rodents, that keep to themselves and have no urge to fly into people and attack them.  Bats are a crucial part of our ecosystem because of their insatiable hunger for insects and small pests.  This, however, does not make it okay to nest in your home or business, but it is important that bats are handled with care by an expert.  Cleaning up bat droppings is not only a tedious job; it is a crucial step in restoring the value of your home or business.  Call on the professionals who carry the correct licenses and equipment to handle these particular jobs.  For more information on cleaning bat guano in Indianapolis, IN, call us at 317-535-4605.