Managing Bat Roosts and Infestations

There are thousands of bat species found all over the country, and all throughout the entire world. They are all very similar, but possess unique and characteristic abilities and qualities that are fun to learn about. Most bat species are either rare or endangered, or both; which means that American home and property owners are not likely to spot many of them. The most prevalent bat species in the United States include the Big Brown Bat, the Little Brown Bat, and surprisingly enough, the Mexican Free-Tailed Bat. These are the most common domestic bats found in America. Although bats are wonderful creatures and significant parts of the Eco-system, they can become household nuisances very quickly. In this case, it is important to learn how to “combat” bat problems in and around your property. Continue reading to learn more about getting rid of bats, and bat-proofing methods that truly work.

Bat Removal and Control

Bats that choose to roost in commercial or residential buildings are generally problematic. Bat infestations, at any level, can cause problems and costly structural damages. It is important to get rid of bats as soon as possible. Once you are aware they are on your property, or inside your home, contact an Indianapolis bat removal service for professional and safe assistance. No one should ever kill, trap, or harm bats. They are vital parts of our Eco-system and should always be managed by a licensed professional. Be sure the company of your choice practices safe and humane bat removal and control.

Bat Proofing Recommendations

When it comes to bat-proofing your property, consistency is key. Year-round maintenance and inspection is a large part of preventing bat intrusions and infestations. First, have a professional general contractor inspect your home or property for weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Bats gain access into homes and buildings through vulnerabilities like loose roof shingles, holes in siding, broken garage doors, gutters, cracks, crevices, and more. Repairing and sealing these areas can reduce the chances of a bat, or bats, sneaking into your premises.

Indianapolis Bat Removal

Call Bat Removal Indiana at 317-535-4605 for licensed Indianapolis bat removal and control services. We are DNR licensed and insured bat exclusionists with decades of experience in the bat removal industry. We use safe and humane methods to get rid of bats in commercial and residential properties. We also provide bat cleanup services, emergency services, preventative maintenance, and more. Call 317-535-4605 for prompt and professional bat removal services in Indianapolis, IN today.