Endangered Indiana Bats Delay Historic Bridge Repairs in Vincennes

Earlier this year, restoration work was scheduled to begin on the historic Lincoln Memorial Bridge that connects the southern Indiana town of Vincennes to the Illinois town of Westport. But before anyone could even pick up a hammer, something unusual and amazing happened that caused the entire project to be delayed up until this very month! Continue reading to find out what took place under this beautiful and honorable Wabash River Bridge that was built in 1931 to praise the George Rogers Clark National Park in Vincennes, Indiana.

Indiana Endangered Bats

In March, construction crews began setting up for the 3.2 million dollar restoration project that was intended to take 6 months and involve work like cleaning, repairing, and paving. But as they approached the worksite, the made an amazing discovery: a roost of endangered Indiana bats! Since Federal rules restrict any construction work that could potentially disturb or interrupt endangered bats, the restoration project had to be rescheduled for this month so to not disturb the endangered colony!

You see, between March and October is the key breeding season for Indiana bats, and any sudden interruption can cause them extreme stress that can lead to illness or death. In an attempt to preserve the endangered Indiana bat colonies, the construction project was put on hold for the sake of these little guys! That’s got to make you feel good!

Benefits of Bats

Bats are highly-beneficial parts of our surrounding eco-systems, so it is important to protect them and support a healthy environment for them to thrive. If you are having a problem with bats on your property, be sure to use the methods for bat control and removal. Always contact a professional wildlife control company for safe and humane bat removal services. They have the licenses, skills, and resources to protect your home and bats at the same time.

Indiana Bat Removal and Control

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