Learn About the Yinpterochiroptera and Yangochiroptera Suborders

The suborder, Microchiroptera may now be considered an outdated term for many bat species that were once categorized in this suborder. More specific suborder terms are now being used more often to categorize certain species of bat. These terms are Yinpterochiroptera and Yangochiroptera. Continue reading to learn more about these suborders, and which bats are already included in each.

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Yangochiroptera Suborder

Also referred to as Vespertilioniformes, Yangochiroptera is a suborder of Chiroptera. This suborder includes the majority of microbat species, with the exception of the Hipposideridae, Rhinopomatidae, Rhinolophidae, and Megadermatidae species. Instead, these exceptions are categorized as part of the Yinpterochiroptera suborder.

Examples of Suggested Yangochiroptera Species:

Bulldog Bats
Disk-Winged Bats
Free-Tailed Bats
Funnel-Eared Bats
Ghost-Faced Bats
Hollow-Faced Bats
Leaf-Nosed Bats
New Zealand Short-Tailed Bats
Sac-winged Bats
Smoky Bats
Vesper Bats

Yinpterochiroptera Suborder

Also referred to as Pteropodiformes, most Megachiroptera are classified as part of the Yinpterochiroptera suborder. This includes virtually all fruit bats, as well as, a few bat species that were once considered Microchiroptera, such as the Horseshoe bat.

Examples of Suggested Yinpterochiroptera Species:

False Vampire Bats
Horseshoe Bats
Kittiā€™s Hog-Nosed Bats
Mouse-Tailed Bats
Old World leaf-nosed bats

Evaluating Merit

Currently, more and more studies are being conducted, using both molecular and morphological cladistics methodology, to assess the merit and validity of these newly adopted terms. We will see what the future holds! Bats are extraordinary creatures, and a significant part of our surrounding eco-system. They are not our enemies, but they can cause us problems.

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