Can I Keep a Wild Bat as a Pet?

With so many pets to choose from these days, more and more people are keener to the idea of exotic pet ownership. But what about making wild animals pets? If you were to find a baby bat in the wild, would you keep it as a pet? Could you keep it as a pet? There are many aspects to consider when making the decision to domesticate a wild animal. Continue reading to learn about bats as pets, and what you should do if you find a bat on your property.

Pet Bats

It is common to have a pet dog or cat, or bird, or lizard, or hamsters, bunnies, and even horses. But nowadays, some people are pushing the limits when it comes to animal pet domestication. There are many who choose to tame certain wild animals that do not belong in domestication. There have been numerous reports of people attempting to tame nontraditional animals as pets and later being injured or attacked after they reach sexual maturity. And if attacks and injuries are not the problem, destruction and mess will be. Common popular exotic pets include raccoons, pigs, monkeys, and even bats.

If you find a baby bat, injured bat, or a bat in the house, it is strongly recommended to contact a local wildlife rescue and control company for professional assistance. Never attempt to touch, trap, catch, or kill a wild bat. This means it is not a good idea to keep them as a pet either. Bats are highly advantageous to our surrounding Eco-systems, as they control the mosquito populations and help pollinate plants and trees. But they are dangerous to humans and pets, and are not meant to be domesticated in any way.

The only person that should be taking in wild bats is a licensed professional or rehabilitation farm. Not only are bats destructive and have the potential to carry highly infectious and life-threatening diseases, they are healthier and happier in the wild. No home or man-made habitat could ever truly replace the freedom and opportunity they have in nature. If you find a bat in the attic, or a baby bat injured outside, contact a bat removal and control company for safe and humane exclusion services. They retain the proper tools, training, and licensing to remove bats and relocate them to a safe and faraway habitat.

Indianapolis Bat Removal

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