What is the Off-Season for a Bat?

When the weather is cold and the snow begins to fall, bats and other mammals hideaway, making winter their off-season. In fact, the peak demand for bat exclusion among residential and commercial properties is in October, November, and December, when weather is still mild, but cold enough for bats to go looking for shelter. So what happens to bats in their off-season? What kind of activity do they display? Where do they go? Continue reading for answers to these questions and more!

Hibernation or Migration

By the time bat exclusion season ends, bat off-season starts up. Once the weather gets too cold for bats, they start to look for dens, caves, and shelter; which unfortunately and often times includes our attics, crawl spaces, garages, walls, and more. If bats have not found this shelter by the time the harsh winter climates start to take over, they migrate south, following the bugs and warmer weather. For bats that find shelter, they hibernate through the winter season until spring. It is fascinating how some species of bat decide to remain and hibernate, while others prefer to travel south for warm sun and insects!

Once bats come out their 6 month-long torpor, the males are ready to mate. And with a gestation period of only 65 days, bats have their litters in the early summer. A female bat can have up to three litters per breeding season, but often times only gives birth to one single pup at a time. Just at the start of fall, their bat pups through nursing on their mother and grown enough to leave the nest and venture out to forage, feed, and prepare for winter.

Although winter is the off-season for bats, they can still be inside our properties causing damage. If you suspect you have bats in the attic, or in some other area of your home, contact a local Indianapolis bat removal company for professional and prompt assistance.

Indianapolis Bat Removal

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