Endangered Indiana Bats Might Put a Stop to White River Lake Project

A recent online publication reveals that a new lake plan for a reservoir in Anderson, Indiana, on the White River, might not be approved due to the possible presence of a common endangered Indiana bat species. Mounds Lake is a new proposed reservoir that would extend seven miles from a dam Anderson, IN. Although it is said that this new reservoir will create a bounteous natural habitat for Indiana bats and wildlife alike, it would take several years for trees to mature and actually render such habitations for endangered bats.

Environmental Concerns

This is why Ball State University biologist, Jim Carter, suggests the lake plan be formally reviewed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service before any further steps are made. During warmer seasons, Indiana bats use mature trees for maternity colonies, nesting, and protection. While the proposed plan might provide more habitat for these bats, it would take too long for endangered bats to benefit from the extension.

The Mounds Lake project is estimated to cost nearly 450 million dollars. Additional anticipated benefits from this lake plan includes improved flood control, creation of water-front real estate housing, and economic growth and development in the city of Anderson. What’s your take on all this?

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