Can I Catch and Keep Wild Bats in Indiana?

There are several questions surrounding wild animal domestication in Indiana; many of which regard bats. Is it illegal to catch a wild bat and keep it as a pet? The short answer to this question is yes, it is illegal. Continue reading to learn why.

Wild Animal Domestication and Indiana Hunting Laws

When it comes to hunting or catching anything in the wild, a person must be issued a permit or license from the county or state in which they live. Depending on the animal or hobby, a license may be require or a simple permit instead. For example, to legally fish in Indiana one requires a fishing permit; whereas bird hunting and similar activities often times requires a hunting license from the state. These permits and licenses all come with a fee or annual membership of some kind. All of this is different when it comes to catching and domesticating bats. In Indiana, bats are actually a protected species. In fact, the Indiana bat is thought to be endangered. It is illegal to catch, kill, trap, or harm an Indiana bat unless you are a licensed animal control technician that is licensed through the state.

This is why it is crucial to contact your local animal control company for help with wild bats. If you have bats in your house, or if they are becoming a nuisance on your property, never attempt to catch or trap a bat on your own. Contact a licensed bat removal company for professional assistance. They are permitted by the state to catch and extract bats from residential or commercial properties. They retain the proper equipment, training, knowledge, and resources to safely and humanely extract bats or bat problems.

Bats are useful and highly advantageous to our eco-system and surrounding environment. They are misunderstood creatures that are actually intelligent and quite fascinating. They are excellent bug and mosquito control, and the only mammal capable of true flight! Don’t sweat it next time you see a bat; instead, take a moment to appreciate their valuable qualities. And then call an Indianapolis Bat Removal company for affordable bat control services.

Indianapolis Bat Removal

Call 317-535-4605 for professional and DNR licensed bat removal services in Indianapolis, Indiana. We are highly trained and qualified bat removal and control specialists with decades of experience in the industry. We provide a wide-range of bat control services; such as cleanups, minor restorations, prevention, DIY advice, and more. Call 317-535-4605 to learn more about bat removal and control in Indianapolis, IN and its surrounding counties.