How Do Mother Bats Find their Baby Bats in the Dark?

When it comes to explaining how mother bats find and locate their young in the dark, in of a colony of hundreds of baby bats, we must first discuss the process of echolocation. Echolocation is a sonar system that nocturnal bats use to locate prey and their young. It is a process of emitting high-frequency sounds that bounce off nearby objects and echo back to the bat. It allows them to visualize a defined grid that they use as a map to guide them around.

On top of echolocation, both chief species of bat have moderate sight capabilities, even in daylight, enabling them to hunt and locate more food and prey. To learn more about mother bats and how they breed and care for their young, continue reading and educate yourself on some fascinating bat facts!

Mother Bats and their Young

Not only can mother bats locate their young in a colony of a thousand bats using echolocation, they can rely on their senses as well. Female nursing bats will remember the pheromones and distinct smell of each individual offspring. It is quite fascinating how nursing bats can accomplish this feat using only smell, moderate vision, and sonar!

When it comes to bats and sight, both species are capable of daytime vision. Megabats, or Megachiroptera, have big eyes and predominant visual centers allowing them to see well during the day. Although nocturnal, mega-bats find it helpful and convenient to hunt for fish, insects, small birds, and other prey in the daytime hours. Their options are much more plentiful and abundant during these times. Some subspecies of Megachiroptera can even see in color during the day, helping them avoid potential predators and search for nectar.

Microchiroptera, or micro-bats, typically eat insects and mosquitoes which are plentiful in the dusk and nighttime hours. This is why they predominantly use echolocation to find their way around. Although sonar is their chief system of navigation, microbats use their mediocre sight to get around at dusk or in the day.

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