How to Protect your Home from Bat Intrusion and Infestation

A bat infestation within your home can be harmful in many ways. Not only can your family be at risk of bat bites, diseases, and encounters; the structural integrity of your house is also vulnerable. Bat droppings, nesting, breeding, feeding, and more can cause extensive amounts of damage to several areas of a home. Attics, crawl spaces, wall interiors, garages, and roofs are common areas for wild bats to roost. These are the areas that need to be most protected.

Wild animal exclusion is the best way to prevent bat disturbances on any property. With a little effort and attention to detail, you can have your home or office protected from bats and various other wild animals too! Continue reading to learn some effective ways to prevent bats from entering your property, and who to call for expert advice and service in your neighborhood.

Assess the Property Surroundings

It is important to determine how attractive your property can be to bats. Are there overgrown shrubs and bushes all around? Any nearby watering holes? Are there trees in close proximity to your house? Is this the type of environment a bat colony can flourish in? These examples are proven habitats for wild bats. In heavy shrubbery they can find abundant food sources in insects, fruit, and nuts. Nearby trees gives them easy access to rooftops which can lead to potential attic entry. Gaps in windows and doors can also give them access inside. You must first look for all these clues to start preparing your house for bat exclusion. Here are some areas and tricks to use to protect your house from bat invasion:

• Always Keep All Doors and Windows Shut or Enclosed at Night

• Secure All Window Screens; Be sure they Fit Properly

• Use Aerosol Foam Insulation, Weather-Proofing Strips, or Hardware Cloths to Plug any Exterior Holes on the House or Rooftop

• Use Yellow Lights, Rather than the Traditional Outdoor Light Bulbs, to Attract Less Insects; thus Eliminating One of their Chief Food Sources

• Purchase and Install Stainless Steel Chimney Caps

• Seal All Exposed Holes in Exterior of House

• Place Liberal Amounts of Eucalyptus or Mint Leaves in Attics and Crawl Spaces to Thwart Bats from Entry

• Hire a Licensed Bat Removal Company to Facilitate Proper Exclusion Services All-Around

These tips and more can all be helpful when it comes to protecting your home from wild bat intrusion or infestation. Bats can cause a considerable amount of damage to a home, so it is vital that they are removed as soon as they are detected. The best way to prevent bats from destroying your property is to hire a licensed bat control company to implement professional bat exclusion techniques and services that are guaranteed to work.

Indianapolis Bat Exclusion Services

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