Varieties of Bat Species Found in Indiana

There are twelve known species of bat commonly found in the state of Indiana. Among these twelve bat species, three categories can be defined; separating the species into smaller and more specific classifications. In this blog, we will explore a few of these Indiana bats while still defining the three categories and specifying all twelve species. Continue reading to learn some interested facts about Indiana bats and how they are similar and different from each other in the wild.

Species of Bat in Indiana

The twelve species of bat found in Indiana are as follows: the Big-Eared Bat, Red Bat, Southeastern Bat, Hoary Bat, Gray Bat, Evening Bat, Northern Bat, Silver-Haired Bat, Little Brown Bat, Big Brown Bat, the Pipistrelle Bat, and the popular Indiana Bat. The Big-Eared Bat has mostly migrated out of Indiana, and is not regularly seen here in the state any more but still spotted in other areas. The same goes for the Southeastern Bat.

These twelve bats can be sub classified into three separate groups. The first group is referred to as “Solitary Bats” in the Lasiurus genus, containing the Red Bat, Silver-Haired Bat, and the Hoary Bat. The second group is referred to as “Social Bats” in the Myotis genus, containing the Little Brown Bat, Northern Bat, Indiana Bat, Gray Bat, and the Southeastern Bat. The third group is referred to as the “Social Bats in Other Genera”, containing the Big Brown Bat, the Pipistrelle Bat, the Evening Bat, and the Big-Eared Bat. The solitary bats migrate south in the winter, while others migrate in spring and fall months.

These bats are commonly forced out of their natural habitats due to new construction and land developments. This forces them to find shelter by any means necessary. Common spots include residential attics and crawl spaces, as well as, basements, garages, sheds, and utility rooms. In commercial properties, bats use rooftops, insulation, and insides of walls for shelter, breeding, and nesting. It is important to hire a trusted animal control company to remove bat colonies from residential or commercial properties in a safe and humane way.

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