How Do Bats See at Night?

Bats are nocturnal mammals. This means they are active at night, and sleep through the day. They are known to live in caves, hollow trees, and other dark hidden areas in nature. In residential neighborhoods, bats are known to infest our attics and crawl spaces. Bats are fascinating animals, but their way of vision is extraordinary. Continue reading to learn how bats see where they are flying in the night time.

Echo-location Like Dolphins

Bats have weak and fragile eyes. They are very small and virtually useless. So how do bats see tiny insects when feeding, and avoid hitting trees mid-flight? The answer is their ability to hear. Bats have extremely acute hearing that allows them to hear the smallest sounds, like a flying beetle. As they fly, the make small chirps or squeaks. Their sounds move through the air and bounce off objects, creating an echo. Bats can hear these echoes, even the smallest ones. This method is commonly referred to as echo-location, similar to what dolphins use. Their echo-location chirps are very high-pitched, making them nearly invisible to the human ear. When they use this system, it allows them to hear what is all around them and in front of them as well. It draws a vivid mental map for them to hunt and find shelter. The Navy and submarines use a system that is very similar to bat and dolphin echo-location; it is called sonar. They use sound vibrations to track objects underwater and determine their location.

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